RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil Keeps Going Forward to Give the Positive Impacts

RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil Keeps Going Forward to Give the Positive Impacts

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA Until now palm oil needs keep increasing globally as same as the increasing population and people’s economy. But some importer countries claim to improve the cultivation to be better to protect the environment.

Director Assurance RSPO and Deputy Director in duty RSPO Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang said that RSPO exists to convince other countries that the cultivation has surpassed the tight process not to damage the forests and environment.

She also mentioned that many still question the same – why was RSPO made? To answer the question, many opinions, researches, and studies mentioned that palm oil plantations raised the negative. If the cultivation is done well, such as, sustainable cultivation, maintaining the stability of environment service, it could minimize the negative.

Unfortunately, many saw the negative only - even among the users and stakeholders whole over the world. The facts showed that many could get the positive immediately if the plantations are sustainably cultivated. There would be environment protection, diversity, and social – economic impacts.

In general the global impact that could be known could be from the data of RSPO, such as, the plantations having RSPO certificate covered 4,4 million hectares, 4.971 members from 7 categories, such as, the plantation, social and environment non-profit organizations, bank, consumer goods manufacturer, retailer, and processor, joined by 98 countries, 17,21 million tons of certified sustainable palm oil production, 3.321 companies within certified supply chain as the members, producing 19% of sustainable production of the total production.

“We would keep going forward and the numbers are the easiest measurement used to know if we are in progress and how much the impact derives from palm oil industries. These are the fair ways to know the impacts both from the environment and the development that we could not avoid,” she said in online discussion that PalmOilMagazine did join in the early of March 2021. (T2)

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