Three Ministries Support Edamame, Visited the Factory of ANJ

Three Ministries Support Edamame, Visited the Factory of ANJ

PalmOilMagazine, JEMBER – PT. Gading Mas Indonesia Teguh (GMIT), the subsidiary of palm oil and agribusiness company -PT. Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) in Jember, East Java Province got the work visit of Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Ministry of Cooperation and Small Medium Business, and Ministry of Village, Friday (4/6/2021). District of Jember is one region where edamame is developed in Indonesia and GMIT is one producer. Edamame is known as vegetable soybean which has huge exports.

Deputy Assistant of Horticulture Agribusiness Development Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Yuli Sri Wilanti said that to fulfill edamame needs in the domestic and exports, it needs collaboration among the central, regional governments, edamame farmers, and the private sectors to develop integrated business to increase the production and competition.

“Edamame exports which run well are positive to the regional economy and increase the exchange. In the future, the good partnership between GMIT and the developed farmers in the form of kerja sama operasional (KSO) could be better, particularly to get the young farmers (to be involved in),” she said, as in the official statement to PalmOilMagazine.

Deputy Assistant of Business Ecosystem Development Ministry of Cooperation and Small and Medium Business, Dewi Syarlien said, the ministry would cooperate with polytechnic in Jember to do train about managing cooperation so that there would be young generations in Jember to be about entrepreneurs. It is hoped, the edamame young farmers could change their perspective from the regular farmers to be innovative ones to make edamame as the local economic power.

In the same chance, expert of Ministry in Inter-Institutional Relationship Ministry of Village, Samsul Widodo Samsul said, edamame is potential to be developed and this is the chance for the youth to do farm because it is clear and promising business. “Our team is visiting the villages to get the chance to develop the economy in the villages. What we are doing is about to make partnership with GMIT to cultivate edamame through Village Enterprises,” he said.

President Director of GMIT, Erwan Santoso said that edamame is potential to develop the export namely to Japan. In this case, GMIT exported 42 tons of frozen edamame with high standards in Japan. The exports were the cooperation between GMIT and Asia Foods Group that has full of experience to process and sell frozen edamame.

“There would be huge numbers to export edamame. I do believe, we could escalate and compete in quality with Taiwan, China, and Thailand. Besides edamame, we are developing the exports of okra and other horticultures to contribute in the exchange for the country and economy in Jember. In 2020 GMIT did partnership with 38 local farmers to supply edamame which was produced from 165 hectares in Jember and around. With KSO, the farmers got information access and development from our field assistants,” he said. (T2)

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