Astra Agro CEO Got Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO 2021

Astra Agro CEO Got Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO 2021

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – CEO Astra Agro, Santosa is one of CEOs that got Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO. The predicate was awarded at Agribusiness - Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO 2021 with Outstanding Leadership in Business Development with Increased Use of Technology.

The reason is that Santosa successfully developed digitalization in every operational area of Astra Agro. For information, Astra Agro has been conducting digitalization technology in its operational since 2017.

CEO & Editorial in Chief of one magazine, Muhammad Ihsan said that a CEO or director should play important roles as top management in sustainable business, namely in recovery time of pandemic like now.

“Through the survey to more than 5.000 respondents, we chose samples according to our criteria, we got the winner and congratulation to every CEO of companies that got the award,” Ihsan said.

Chief Operation Officer Astra Agro, Rujito Purnomo representing CEO got the award virtually. “Thank you for the Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO 2021 award given to our CEO, Mister Santosa,” Rujito said.

Rujito mentioned that as palm oil plantation company with the vision, to be the most productive and innovative palm oil plantation company in the world, Astra Agro should become agile and creative to face the challenges, such as, by conducting digitalization.

“We are thankful and hopefully, the appreciation could inspire others, namely to persons in Astra Agro,” he said, as in the official statement to Palmoilmagazine, Friday (17/12/2021). (T2)

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