BIOMICROGELS Group: Ready to Expand in Indonesia

BIOMICROGELS Group: Ready to Expand in Indonesia

Oliver Cescotti officially joins with BIOMICROGELS Group (left)

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Former President and Country Manager GEA in Russia, Belarus, Central Asia, Caucasus and Member of Russia – Germany Chambers Board, Oliver Cescotti officially joins with BIOMICROGELS Group as member of Boards of Directors. BIOMICROGELS Group is the international and advance technology company group which was established in 2012 by engineer team that created innovative technology - Biomicrogels®. It is developed to solve problems globally, such as, saving clean water, reducing CO2 emission, and recovering palm oil extraction.

Oliver will be in charge to strategic plans and consultation about ultimate issues, namely about business development in the global markets, including in Indonesia, optimization and internationalization of corporate management model. Having lots of experiences internationally in business management (more than 30 years of entrepreneurship and senior executive in GEA Group), Oliver is ready to develop BIOMICROGELS Group in significant markets, such as, in Indonesia as the biggest palm oil producer in the world.

Oliver Cescotti of Germany led GEA in Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and Caucasus region. GEA is one biggest technical company in the world that provides solution and equipment to many industries and application. It also develops, produces, implements solution according to centrifugal tools to separate oil, water, and density, and also produces vegetable oil (palm oil). Since 2015, Oliver becomes President and Country Manager of GEA Group and is in charge for every subsidiary’s business and division of GEA in the regions.

BIOMICROGELS Group conducts business in Southeast Asia since 2019 including in Indonesia where the group has two distributors which are in cooperation with 30 companies that operate 90 mills. For the last two years, export products of the company increased 30 percent. Besides, it does not cover re-agent of oil extraction of Biomicrogels® BMG-C4 only, but also about processing station and dispensing. When designing the station, the engineers considered the uniqueness of palm oil mill in Indonesia and characteristic climate in the region.

“I believe, after joining BIOMICROGELS Group team, Oliver Cescotti, a qualified and respectful professional will make our group better in international markets in our journey to initial public offering (IPO) by introducing the best international business management practices to get high technology solution industry,” Co-Founder and CEO BIOMICROGELS Group, Andrey Elagin said, as in the official statement toPalmoilmagazine, Friday (17/12/2021).

He also mentioned, BIOMICROGELS Group really inspires thanks to its high potential to develop disruptive Biomicrogels® technology based on deeper process of agricultural materials to get biopolymer which is fully safe for the nature and mankind, 100 percent biodegradable, and in economic price.

Palm oil production is more than 90 million tons per year in the globe and the company delivers solution in Biomicrogels® technology that helps to increase numbers about one million tons more. The economic effect from product use and solution in Biomicrogels® technology in 60 tons of fresh fruit bunch per hour capacity is up to US$ 1 million per year.

For the increasing CPO stocks for the last two years, and CPO price that became history (if in September 2019 it was about US$ 500 per ton, in September 2021 it was more than US$ 1.400/ton), the numbers would be more impressive.

“I believe, our cooperation will be giving more profits to advance industries in the world and will help to minimize environmental damages from carbon emission, conserve clean water for the next generations,” member of Board of Directors BIOMICROGELS Group, Oliver Cescotti said. (T2)

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