SPKS & PT AAN Socialized NDPE to Two Groups: Implement Environmental Principles

SPKS & PT AAN Socialized NDPE to Two Groups: Implement Environmental Principles

Palmoilmagazine, SEKADAU – Palm oil plantation company, PT Agro Andalan (PT AAN) which is the subsidiary of PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSN Group) just socialized Sustainability Policy to its partners joining Koperasi Perkebunan (Kopbun) or groups that supply fresh fruit bunch (FFB). It was running at the hall of PT AAN in Village of Setawar, Sub district of Sekadau Hulu.

The groups were Koperasi Perkebunan Persada Engkersik Lestari and Koperasi Produsen Perkebunan Piansak Mandiri. The both are developed by Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS) and the partners of PT AAN in FFB supply. The socialization was about Sustainability Policy which also consists of No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation.

CSR DSN Group in West Kalimantan, Imanuel Tibian said, DSN Group released NDPE Policy in March 2020 to complete DSN Group sustainability policy which already exists. “It is the commitment of DSN Group and the partners to implement sustainable palm oil practices,” Imanuel said.

Triwibowo of Obedience and Management System DSN Group, said, NDPE is the commitment of DSN Group, its subsidiaries, and also the partners to implement no deforestation, new planting in peat no matter the depth is, and no exploitation in environment, workers, and people. “The policy is about to lead palm oil business in the right track to be always sustainable, living together with the people in sustainable environment,” he said.

Besides informing sustainable policy, DSG Group also introduced traceability to confirm FFB sources from suppliers – the partners. By knowing the partners, DSN Group and the partners can sustainably cultivate theirs by increasing partners’ capacity. Masud Azharudin told traceability process online.

Chairman of SPKS District of Sekadau, Bernadus Mohtar and chairmen of the groups said, every smallholders’ development always involves PT AAN and hoped it can go on within the principles and be beneficial one to the other.

Bernardus also said, SPKS is taking the groups to get Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificate. The target is that in January 2022, RSPO certificate can be running. “We are still mapping and getting data of the smallholders,” he said to Palmoilmagazine.

Besides in palm oil plantation, SPKS also encouraged the groups to maintain the remaining forests. SPKS and the village are preparing the regulation to protect the forests. (T3)

*by: Sudarno

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