PP GAMARI: Forest Release License of PT Agro Abadi?

PP GAMARI: Forest Release License of PT Agro Abadi?

Foto By Afrinaldi Zulhen/SawitFest 2021 - Ilustrais Lanskap Sawit

Palmoilmagazine, PEKANBARU – Deputy in Environment, Forestry, and Plantation, Presidium Pusat (PP) of Gabungan Aksi Mahasiswa Alumni Riau (GAMARI) released their observation and investigation which focused to Panca Eka Group.

It is PT. Agro Abadi, palm oil plantation company which operates for some time in some regions in District of Kampar, Riau Province. PT. Agro Abadi has mill that started in 2012 until now. Palm oil plantations could be 12 years.

PP GAMARI through the related deputy mentioned that before Decision of Minister of Environment Indonesian Republic Number SK 878/Menhut-II/2014 on 29 September 2014 was officially announced, plantation areas of PT Agro Abadi was having limited production forest (LPF) status and they are overlapping with concession areas belonging to PT Rimba Seraya Utama with Izin Usaha Pengelolaan Hasil Hutan Kayu Hutan Tanaman Industri (IUPHHK-HT). Though the two companies in the same management, it is proved that they have no forest release license from the related minister.

"In order not to reveal maladministration, we hope, the authority should firmly notice this issue. Do not let Decision of Minister of Forestry become the chance to conduct authority barter which means, legalize palm oil company which is not legal,” Chairman of PP GAMARI, Larshen Yunus said, as in the official statement to Palmoilmagazine, Saturday (18/12/2021).

He also mentioned, according to National Land Agency in Riau in 2016, PT Agro Abadi had and mastered Business Rights that covered 978 hectares.

"Please notice, how can the company master palm oil plantation in fantastic width, and get status area change easily from limited production forest (LPF) to be other land use through Decision Number 878 Menhut-II/2014 on 29 September 2014?

Until this news is published, PP GAMARI planned to send official documents to Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesian Republic to deliver officers to PT Agro Abadi’s plantations. PP GAMARI hoped the officers should immediately check and recheck every administration about forest area release of the company.

“Dear Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar, allow us to become your eyes, heart, and ears to reveal environmental crimes which keep happening in Riau. We are sick of environmental mafia,” he said. (T2)