NKRI Nationalism Must Be Involved in Saving the World Community.

NKRI Nationalism Must Be Involved in Saving the World Community.

General Chairperson of KAINSTIPER, Priyanto PS

Palmoilmagazine, Jakarta - Referring to data from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (2016), palm cooking oil is part of the vegetable oil and fat group, which has a composition of nutritional content per 100 grams of palm oil contains energy food (food energy), polyunsaturated fat content, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E (tocopherol) and vitamin K (phyloquinone).

According to Priyanto PS, the nutritional and vitamin content contained in palm oil is part of the world's main choice in consuming food oil made from CPO. The reason is that the existence of CPO has become part of the needs of the world's people, so that their consumption needs always increase every year.

“President Jokowi must hurry to take quick action to save the world community, by immediately lifting the temporary ban on the export of CPO and its derivative products. By supplying the needs of the world market, Indonesia will participate in saving the world community from hunger and prolonged malnutrition in the future," said Priyanto PS.

The General Chair of KAINSTIPER also explained, with the opening of the CPO export faucet, in addition to playing a major role in saving the world community, it also supports the growth and development of the national oil palm industry and farmers. “We must also have a common awareness that Indonesian palm oil products have been proven to be a supplier to the world's vegetable oil needs. Therefore, we must have the courage and be able to become the main players who can regulate this global commodity trade," said Priyanto PS, further emphasizing, "Nationalism must be called from the patriotic souls of the nation, in order to be able to stand tall in setting criteria for sustainable palm oil development. , based on national principles and do not submit to being governed by others”.