SRP Slowing Factors

SRP Slowing Factors

Photo by : Dwi Indah N Syukur / Sawitfest 2021

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – General Secretary of APKASINDO, Rino Afrino assumed that there are smallholders who do not want to join and implement smallholders replanting program (SRP). This happened for the second generation of the smallholders highly expected to their plantations. They want to get a better production, higher additional value, and clear legal areas.

Rino told, there are three factors to slow down SRP realization. The first is, the smallholders’ legal plantations are claimed to be in forest regions and overlapping with companies’ Business Rights.

“We are shocked that though their plantations got documents, as a matter of fact, they are categorized in forest regions,” he said at a webinar with the theme "Pola Kemitraan Mempercepat PSR dan Kesejahteraan Petani", Thursday (28/4/2022), that Palmoilmagazine joined.

The second is, complicated bureaucracy. Rino admitted, Ministry of Agriculture wanted to solve bureaucracy issue by simplifying the condition and publishing regulation to simplify SRP.

The third is, the smallholders faced legal issues. They should face the law officers, such as, the court, and police about SRP fund. “Some individuals from local non-government organizations took advantages on SRP fund for the smallholders. This led the smallholders worried about proposing SRP,” he said.

Rino agreed that the partnership in SRP could escalate SRP realization. The point is that there should be equal partnership agreement as the successful key.

“Besides, Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency and General Directorate of Plantation should be more creative and innovative to encourage SRP acceleration by publishing derivative regulations and increase the synergy with many sides, namely Ministry of Environment and Forestry,” he said.

The member of Commission IV Indonesian Legislators, Firman Subagyo supported partnership program in SRP so that the program of President Joko Widodo could hit the target. The partnership system can happen if the smallholders and companies are equal. Both sides would get profits with any pity.

That is why he emphasized, the partnership should deliver profits and needs whole discussion between both sides.

About the forest regions, he promised that Commission IV would discuss with Ministry of Environment and Forestry to know the smallholders’ clear and legal plantations. “Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial/National Land Agency should discuss with us and this is the priority for having something with the smallholders’ faith,” he emphasized. (T2)