1000 Students Will Get PFMA Scholarship 2022

1000 Students Will Get PFMA Scholarship 2022

Photo by : Andi Qudratullah / Sawitfest 2021

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – In 2022 Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) targeted that there would be 1.000 students to get scholarship. The socialization would be running in May 2022 in the same time of the high student graduation day. It is hoped, there would be more candidates to get it. Six universities where the students studied, should do socialization namely where the students are from. Based on the money to AKPY and PT LPP Agro Nusantara, some conditions should be substituted for the students were difficult to register their names (to get the tests and to study).

The focus in human resource development is also about training. It runs in 21 provinces within the total class of training reaching 229 and involved 9.679 men. In 2021 training technical recommendation reached 2,507 men within details, 498 men were trained by PT LPP Agro Nusantara; 2.507 men are planned to be trained in 2022; the training institutions, besides PT LPP Agro Nusantara, are PPMKP Ciawi; Balai Pelatihan Pertanian Jambi; AKPY; PT Sumberdaya Indonesia Berjaya; and PT Best Planter Indonesia. The training target would involve 5.100 men in 2022.

Human Resource training should be proposed to plantation agency in every district. It should identify the needs and proposals to get Human Resource training candidates in palm oil plantation. Then the proposals should be handed over to plantation agency to the provincial level to be verified. After that head of plantation agency in the province should publish decision to those who can get the training. Then general directorate of plantation should verify what the province proposed and publish technical recommendation. PFMA should also verify it and decide the training institutions.

“The numbers of scholarship and training were not much if compared to palm oil plantations that laid about 16 million hectares and the people’s plantation that laid about 6,9 million hectares. There are lots to do to develop human resource. Human resource training and education are the investment to get the stronger and better palm oil plantations,” Director of Plantation Protection, PFMA, Baginda Siagian said.

He believed, human resources who got education and training would be more competent than those who did not get. Those who graduated from Diploma 1 (D1) would be more competent in theory and the implementation than those who graduated from high school. The educational institutions should deliver competency certificate to the graduates in some fields in palm oil plantations.

One who got the scholarship is Adinda Nabila Siregar, a daughter of a smallholder in North Sumatera. She is getting her study at Poltek CWE. She was interested to get scholarship from her friends and wanted to know deeper about it. She registered, joined the tests, and finally got the program.

“The campus where I am studying, focuses to palm oil (plantations). I got much about its development. When I got holidays, I shared what I know to the people around which they are mostly smallholders,” boru Siregar said.

My parents are helpful for the scholarship for their daughter got better education. “My hometown is full of smallholders. They cultivate palm oil but in minimum cultivation. There are many things to be improved, such as, harvest cycle, nursery, harvest management,” boru Siregar mentioned. (T2)


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