Increasing Smallholder Productivity by Developing Human Resources

Increasing Smallholder Productivity by Developing Human Resources

Photo by : Achmad Muhaimin / Sawitfest 2021

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Human Resources (HR) Development is one program to do in Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA). This is about to escalate plantation productivity to get 2030 crude palm oil (CPO) target production which should be 67 tons per year.

Head of Service Program Division, Directorate of Fund Distribution PFMA, Arfie Thahar told that in the third series of webinar and live streaming “Dampak Positif Program PSR, Sarpras dan Pengembangan SDM Bagi Petani Sawit” which was conducted by plantation media and PFMA some time ago.

Arfie thought, to realize 67 tons of CPO production, it needs reliable HR because the smallholders’ production is low in numbers at about 3,6 tons/year. Palm oil plantations could potentially be higher. In big private plantations, within good agricultural practices, it could be 10 tons of CPO per hectare.

“We want to improve it by delivering HR development training to escalate their knowledge, skill, professionalism, independency,” he said.

He continued, there are two things to get from HR development in palm oil plantation in 2022, they are, education and training programs. In 2022 PFMA should train 2009 men.

“According to President’s Regulation, PFMA fully delivered scholarship to the students, such as, the costs where they were from, their schools or campus, until they return to their hometown. Some should be in one year, three years, and four years to get education. We have to fund them until they graduate,” Arfie said.

2022 HR Program in palm oil plantation would be available in diploma 2 and undergraduate degree. The institutions should have study program and competency in palm oil subject. “Palm oil for palm oil,” he said.

He continued, HR Program development in palm oil plantation keeps increasing for years. PFMA funded 9.679 men to get train both for the smallholders and general people in 21 provinces. PFMA also delivered scholarship for 3.265 students from 2016 to 2021. 1.750 men graduated from Diploma 1 and most of them were from Poltek CWE and AKPY.

Those who got HR Program in palm oil plantations kept increasing for years. In 2016 there were 330 men, while in 2021 there were 660 men getting the scholarship in Diploma 1 to Diploma 4. In 2022, General Directorate of Plantation targets that there would be one thousand men to get the scholarship. “PFMA hope that the numbers could be more and more,” he said.

Director of Lembaga Pendidikan Perkebunan (LPP) Yogyakarta, Muhammad Mustangin mentioned, for the supply chain management starts from the upstream (sector), it needs to reinforce it in the first place.

“It needs to reinforce the upstream sector. Because of smallholders replanting program, we have to support this challenge. Every aspect has something to do with HR both in the upstream, center, and downstream sectors. It needs to prepare and get reliable HR,” Mustangin said.

He continued it is the same obligation from everyone of us to educate HR in palm oil plantations. Vocation is the applied education that the students should really learn the educational system in palm oil plantations in a whole. (T2)


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