President Joko Widodo Officially Lifts Palm Cooking Oil Export Ban Next Monday

President Joko Widodo Officially Lifts Palm Cooking Oil Export Ban Next Monday

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – After crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative and palm cooking oil export ban runs for three weeks, the smallholders get the impacts from their cheap selling price of fresh fruit bunch (FFB), and the mills could not buy smallholders’ FFB, President Joko Widodo finally re-opens CPO export by saying that the supply gets more and more.

“After the export ban runs to fulfill the needs in this country, the government keeps monitoring the policy. I myself saw the supply in the society in person and got the report that the supply gets more,” President Joko Widodo told in live broadcast, Thursday (19/5) that Palmoilmagazinesaw.

He also said, bulk palm cooking oil needs in Indonesia reached 194 thousand tons per month and in March 2022 before the export ban ran, they reached 64,5 thousand tons per month.

“After the export ban ran, palm cooking oil supply in April 2022 reached 211 thousand tons per month or more than the monthly needs in national scale. Besides, the price decreased in average nationally. In April it was Rp 19.800/liter to be Rp 17.200 – Rp 17.600/liter,” President Joko Widodo told.

President Joko Widodo continued, the increasing supply and the decreasing price were the same efforts done by the government and the private though in some regions, palm cooking oil is still expensive but he believed, it would be economic in price and the people would be able to buy it for the supply gets more and more.

“Based on the increasing supply and considering that 17 million men dealing with palm oil industries both the workers and other supporting workers, I decided that palm cooking oil is re-opened on Monday (23/5/2022),” President Joko Widodo said.

But he mentioined, the government would keep monitoring closely so that the stocks should be available in economic price. He also thanked the smallholders for their support and understanding to what the government decided for the other people’s interests.

“In the name of government’s institution, the government would improve the procedures in Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency to be simplified and easy to be more adaptive to fulfill domestic needs and the people would get protection and their needs,” President Joko Widodo said. (T2)  


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