Biodiesel Does not Intervene Palm Cooking Oil Supply

Biodiesel Does not Intervene Palm Cooking Oil Supply

PalmOilMagazine, JAKARTA - Asosiasi Produsen Biofuel Indonesia (APROBI) denied the accusation saying that biodiesel industries intervene palm cooking oil supply in this country.

It is confirmed by monthly data published by Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), for instance, per 20 April 2022, crude palm oil (CPO) supply in this country from January to February 2022 reached 5,04 million tons. The numbers derived from the latest stocks (4,12 million tons) added by CPO/palm kernel oil (PKO) production (8,06 million tons) after minus by local consumption (2,88 million tons) and the exports (4,27 million tons). In the local consumption, CPO utilization for food (palm cooking oil) reached 1,56 million tons and for biodiesel reached 2,1 million tons.

“Biodiesel does not intervene CPO stock for palm cooking oil production. In 2022, CPO production in total nationally reached 52 million tons. While the needs to biodiesel reached 8,4 million tons. It means, CPO stocks are enough for food and energy sectors,” Daily Chairman of APROBI, Paulus Tjakrawan said, as in the official statement to Palmoilmagazine, Thursday (12/5/2022)..

He is optimist that biodiesel program is positively running in this year because the government and other stakeholders really support it. It is known by the B40 test which keeps running in this year.

“Indonesia is the biggest biodiesel consumer in the world. It really impacts to this nation and should not be a waste for nothing because biodiesel is part of energy sovereignty,” he said.

Relating to the legal process of the coordinators which the Attorney is dealing with, APROBI fully lets it run as it should be. He respects what the Attorney would reveal about palm cooking oil issues.

“We hope the people could wait for what the Attorney is investigating by prioritizing the principle of presumption of innocence. We believe, they (the suspects) have good will to obey the regulations of what the government published,” Paulus said. (T2)


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