Caught by The Attorney : Lin Che Wei – The Policy Whistler of Palm Cooking Oil

Caught by The Attorney : Lin Che Wei – The Policy Whistler of Palm Cooking Oil

Pamloilmagazine, JAKARTA – After four suspects in palm cooking oil export permit facility were caught and arrested, The Attorney decided Lin Che Wei as known as (a.k.a.) Weibinanto Halimdjati as the suspect.

The General Attorney, ST Burhanuddin said, Lin Che Wei (LCW) a.k.a. Weibinanto Halimdjati took parts to publish policy about palm cooking oil exports in Ministry of Trade. In fact, LCW is a private sector which was recruited by having no contract or legal documents at all.

Burhanudin also mentioned, LCW is the private sector which Ministry of Trade recruited without any legal documents but played his roles to determine the policy about palm cooking oil distribution procedures.

From the first investigation, Burhanudin continued, every policy that LCW proposed would be listened to by the former General Director of Foreign Trade at the time. “This was very risky. He is a private but his policies were listened by the general director,” Burhanudin said, as quoted from Detik.

He also emphasized, the Attorney got the strong evidences about LCW involvement in CPO export permit and the evidences are in digital. “He was attending and determining the policies. We have strong digital evidences showing that he took parts in the decision,” he said.

Burhanuddin suspected, LCW took parts in Ministry of Trade ever since the new ministry structure. Burhanuddin suspected, LCW took part since the last January. (T2)


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