SSMS’ Net Profit Increased 162% in 2021

SSMS’ Net Profit Increased 162% in 2021

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Director of PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSMS),  Nasarudin Bin Nasir said, as the economy starts to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic in this nation and in the globe, the company successfully maintained the positive operational and got more from the increasing trade volume that reached 29,72% year on year (yoy) or about Rp 5,20 billion.

The net profits of the company increased 162% or from Rp 580,53 billion in 2020, to be Rp 1,53 billion in 2021. The positive work has something to do with strategic empowerment and increasing innovation to get more qualified products by focusing to increase the additional values, optimizing production and trade, efficiency in every policy.

Nasarudin also mentioned that in 2021, SSMS could produce 444.720 tons of crude palm oil (CPO) or decreased 0,77% compared to 2020 production which reached 448.185 tons. The numbers were less than the target which reached 527.425 tons.

“The decreasing production happened for the company bought much fresh fruit bunch (FFB) from the third side; there was intensive rain and impacted to fertilization which bothered the productivity,” he said in a public expose that Palmoilmagazine attended

SSMS’ palm oil trees are about 13 years of age in the average. They are in the top performance if the good nursery runs namely in the fertilization. SSM would get the increasing maximal production. (T2)



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