RMT Number 33/2022 regarding Bulk Palm Cooking Oil

RMT Number 33/2022 regarding Bulk Palm Cooking Oil

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – The government through Ministry of Trade Indonesian Republic obliged every crude palm oil (CPO) exporter to obey bulk palm cooking oil program which is aimed for the people. Based on the new Regulation of Minister of Trade (RMT) published on Monday (23/5), bulk palm cooking oil commerce should be from domestic market obligation (DMO) of CPO.

RMT Number 33 / 2022 about Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Governance for the People, as Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi said, would regulate and implement closed loop system for the logistic network stakeholders (businessmen) that distribute bulk palm cooking oil. The government would confirm that palm cooking oil material should be distributed to mills, then the mills should distribute to consumers within its selling price at Rp 14 thousand per liter or Rp 15.500 per kg. The selling would be covering 10.000 spots that the stakeholders and the (regional) governments would determine.

“We would have digital application to confirm that CPO supply would be delivered in the production (the mills) and palm cooking oil production would be delivered to consumers and they should buy it completely with ID. It means, there would be credibility, accountability, and transparency,” Minister Lutfi said, as in the official statement to Palmoilmagazine, (26/5/2022).

Minister Lutfi also emphasized, every CPO and its derivative exporter should take parts in the program. If they do not, they would be banned to export their products. They can register (theirs) through Sistem Informasi Minyak Goreng Curah (SIMIRAH) which is part of Sistem Informasi Infustri Nasional (SIINas). (T2)

For details, please download the latest RMT No. 33 / 2022 at: https://forms.gle/np2gnAho9Sy5PDvw9


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