Export Tax and Out Fee in June 2022 are US$ 575/Ton

Export Tax and Out Fee in June 2022 are US$ 575/Ton

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Crude palm oil (CPO) reference price to decide Out Fee in June 2022 is US$ 1.700,12/metric ton (MT). It gets more expensive US$ 42,72 or 2,58 percent to May 2022, which was US$ 1.657,39/MT. It is written in the Regulation of Minister of Trade Number 34 / 2022 about Export Reference Price on Agriculture and Forestry Products which are Charged by Out Fee.

“Until now CPO reference price surpasses the threshold which is US$ 750/MT. The government put on CPO Out Fee for about US$ 200/MT in June 2022,” General Director in duty of Foreign Trade Ministry of Trade, Veri Anggrijono said, as in the official statement Palmoilmagazine, Thursday (2/6/2022)

CPO Out Fee in June 2022 refers to Colom 12, Attachment B, Regulation of Minister of Finance Number 39/PMK.010/2022 which is US$ 200/MT. The numbers the same with May 2022 CPO Out Fee.

The increasing CPO reference price happened for the increasing other vegetable oil price and the supply issue in Russia – Ukraine. Besides, it happened for the Government of Indonesia did CPO and its derivative temporary ban.

Meanwhile the export tax (citation) which Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) manages in based on the Regulation of Minister of Finance Number 23 /PMK.05/2022, in June 2022, according to CPO reference price that Minister of Trade decided, is categorized to be more than US$ 1.500/MT. CPO export tax is US$ 375/MT.

In June 2022, if the two are combined, they would be US$ 575/MT. According to what Palmoilmagazine calculated, the two policies (export tax and Out Fee) cut CPO price about 34%. (T2)


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