Babis and Pregnant Women around Palm Oil Plantations Got Supplement to Prevent Stunting

Babis and Pregnant Women around Palm Oil Plantations Got Supplement to Prevent Stunting

Palmoilmagazine, Muhammad Ridho Hardiansyah, Sawitfest 2021

Palmoilmagazine, PELALAWAN - Stunting is one issue in health. Stunting or less of nutrition could make the babies’ growth slower.

To prevent it in the society, Health Agency District of Pelalawan, Riau Province in cooperation with PT Inti Indosawit Subur (IIS) Kebun Buatan, provided and gave vitamins to pregnant women and babies in Village of Lalang Kabung, Sub district of Pelalawan, District of Pelalawan.

From the official information to Palmoilmagazine, Monday (6/6/2022), it was running some time ago. The goal is to help the regional government to prevent stunting nationally.

Chairman of Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK) Village of Lalang Kabung, Ani Rahmawati mentioned, what the company did is really helpful for the pregnant women and babies around the company’s operational. Vitamins and nutrients are needed to prevent some diseases, namely lack of nutrients.

Ani told, in Village of Lalang Kabung, there are about 15 pregnant women and 120 babies. They are in need of good nutrients to get fetus and child growth. “The company’s helps complete what was missing,” Ani said.

Parni (34), one pregnant female and house-wife was thankful for the good action of the palm oil company.

She prayed that the additional nutrients that the company delivered would make the fetus inside her belly healthy and get enough nutrients.

“I hope the program would always continue for the pregnant women and babies and the next generations would be free from stunting and other dangerous diseases,” Parni said.

Meanwhile, dr Lisa Yulia Sari as the company’s health doctor thought, the helps are about to add nutrients, food, vitamins, and milk.

She told, the vitamins and supplements from the company are for pregnant women, such as, pre-natal, and milk.

The babies less than five years old from 0 to 12 months got vitamins, milk, Marie Susu, and biscuit. The babies from 1 to five years old got vitamins, biscuit, Marie susu and liquid milk.

dr Lisa Yulia Sari also reminded that the helps are about to prevent stunting from the early age. The pregnant women should notice the 1.000 early days of a child during the pregnancy to a baby after two years old.

“This is what we do to avoid stunting,” the company’s doctor said. (T5)


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