FFB Price in Siak Gets Better Rp 150/kg, After Meeting the Management

FFB Price in Siak Gets Better Rp 150/kg, After Meeting the Management

Palmoilmagazine, Yudi, Sawitfest 2021

Palmoilmagazine, SIAK – What thousands of smallholders from 12 koperasi unit desa (KUD) that joins Forum Komunikasi Petani PIR Kelapa Sawit (FKPPKS), District of Siak, Riau Province, got the result.

"By conducting dialogue, we eventually from FKPPKS and PT Inti Indosawit Subur (IIS) as our developer met the conclusion about fresh fruit bunch (FFB) selling price,” Chairman of KUD Bina Mulya, one member of FKPPKS, Katimin said to Palmoilmagazine, Monday (6/6/2022) noon.

He mentioned, the meeting and dialogue were in a restaurant in Pekanbaru, in the early of June 2022.

Those from FKPPKS that joined the meeting were Riamen (Chairman), Ahmad Sulikin (Secretary), Sunardi (Treasurer), Katimin (Public Relation), and the representatives from 12 KUD.

Those from PT IIS were Rudi Rismanto (Head of Senior Manager), Puji L Sitompul (Coordinator of Plasma Plantation of Kebun Buatan), Juansyah Purba (Plasma Manager of Kebun Buatan), and Guna Ardiyanto (Plasma Assistant).

"We did not expect that the company was responsive and hostile. From the beginning, we imagined that the dialogue would be tough but it was not. It was not like a dialogue but friendly meeting,” Katimin said with tears.

In the beginning, they argued about FFB price from the company which was only about Rp 2.120/kg. In fact they are plasma smallholders that PT IIS itself develops.

Actually, the smallholders understood what PT ISS and other companies faced because of the regulation published by the central government.

But after having conversation, both sides came to a conclusion to decide FFB price that the smallholders joining FKPPKS produced to be Rp 2.270/kg.

"Ours increases Rp 150/kg. Not bad though it is not ideal but we understand what the company is facing,” Katimin said.

As the conclusion running well, he continued, there would be chance to get Export Approval of crude palm oil products which the central government would publish to one subsidiary of Asian Agri Group.

"If the company gets CPO export permit, it means, it would make our FFB price better. We are thankful and do appreciate the company for being responsive to our complaints,” Katimin mentioned. (T5)


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