The Plantation Sector in East Kalimantan is Dominated by Palm Oil

The Plantation Sector in East Kalimantan is Dominated by Palm Oil

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Palmoilmagazine, SAMARINDA – Agricultural sector in East Kalimantan Province has been dominated by plantation within the main commodity – palm oil, according to Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) in 2021. Plantation sector dominated about 58,61% (4,97% of the total GRDP East Kalimantan Province).

"Big private plantations dominate with five mainstay commodities, they are, palm oil, rubber, cocoa, coconut, and pepper within the total areas in 2021 reaching 1.517.792 hectares and production about 17.792.792 tons," Head of Plantation Agency East Kalimantan Province, Ujang Rachmad said, as in the official page of Plantation Agency East Kalimantan Province.

In 2022 the agency did expansion for plantation commodities which cover 720 hectares (palm oil 70 hectares; coconut 50 hectares; pepper 100 hectares; cocoa 150 hectares; rubber 150 hectares; sugar palm 100 hectares; and nutmeg 100 hectares), pepper rehabilitation for about 50 hectares and cocoa replanting for about 50 hectares, as he mentioned.

To support sustainable plantation, the agency did technical meeting of plantation development in East Kalimantan in Hotel Harris Samarinda, Wednesday (24/5/2022).

Program Peningkatan Produksi Perkebunan keeps running by developing the plantations, such as, plantation expansion and escalating plantation productivity through intensification, rehabilitation, and replanting of plantation commodities in district/city in East Kalimantan.

“The strategic roles of plantation sub-sector which is multi-dimension as it is described in the Regulation Number 39 / 201 about Plantation, if it is optimally cultivated, would deliver and support the targets of agricultural development,” Rachmad said.

The meeting was one activity of Program Penyediaan dan Pengembangan Prasarana Pertanian which plays the strategic roles to realize sustainable plantation development and the goal is to get the same perception, deliver the same lead of policies to every related sides in the districts/cities. (T2)


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