In Medan Palm Cooking Oil Bulk Less Than HRP

In Medan Palm Cooking Oil Bulk Less Than HRP

Palmoilmagazine, M Rizki Herliansyah, Sawitfest 2021

Palmoilmagazine, MEDAN – What President Joko Widodo instructed to get cheap palm cooking oil according to the highest retail price (HRP) is successful to be realized in Medan, North Sumatera Province.

Bulk palm cooking oil is slightly cheaper than HRP. This is from what Pusat Informasi Harga Pangan Strategis (PIHPS) Nasional North Sumatera monitored in some traditional markets in Medan City, Monday (6/6/2022).

"We monitored in five traditional markets in Medan, they were, Pasar Sukarame, Pasar Aksara, Pasar Sentral, Pasar Petisah, dan Pasar Brayan," Gunawan Benjamin said to Palmoilmagazine.

He is one member of PIHPS Nasional North Sumatera and also economic observer and lecturer in some universities in Medan. He thought, bulk palm cooking oil is in the same price with what the government hoped for and this is good.

From the field monitoring, he knew bulk palm cooking oil is now sold at Rp 15.000/kg, or cheaper than the HRP, which is Rp 15.500/kg.

Bulk palm cooking oil is too. If the HRP is at Rp 14.000 per liter, in the five traditional markets, it is cheaper now to be Rp 13.500/liter.

"But some groceries sold bulk palm cooking oil at the same price with HRP, which is Rp 15.500/kg or Rp 14.000/liter," Benjamin said.

The packaged palm cooking oil, he continued, the team knew, it gets cheaper in modern markets or retailers. It is about Rp 21.000 to ke Rp 25.000 per liter.

As an economist, he hoped, bulk palm cooking oil in groceries to retailer levels should not be more expensive. (T5)


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