PPKS Technology Produced Red Palm Cooking Oil

PPKS Technology Produced Red Palm Cooking Oil

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Palmoilmagazine, MEDAN - Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS) Medan keeps innovating, creating derivative products of crude palm oil (CPO). The latest one is that the institution is able to produce red palm cooking oil.

This is about to help the government to provide more palm cooking oil in economic price. The vitamin in the red palm cooking oil is more than what common palm cooking oil sold in the markets.

Some figures are interested in the innovation, such as, Minister of Cooperation Small and Medium Business, Teten Masduki; Governor of North Sumatera, Edy Rahmayadi; and Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution.

From what Palmoilmagazine got, they directly came by to PPKS Medan, Thursday (9/6/2022) to see the red palm cooking oil production.

To the figures, Head of PPKS Medan, M Edwin S Lubis showed the red palm cooking oil production machine. Lubis mentioned, the innovation is one best work of Indonesian young generations.

He believed this would escalate smallholders’ competition in palm oil downstream sector. Red palm cooking oil is processed from CPO by maintaining the natural nutrients to be used in multi-function products.

“Red palm cooking oil has many nutrients, compound anti-oxidant that function as anti-aging and anti-microbe. It can be used in many cosmeceutical products. It can be consumed to stunting issue for red palm cooking oil has vitamin A,” Lubis said.

Teten Masduki was happy for the innovation. He thought, it needs to accelerate smallholders’ red palm cooking oil mill development.

Masduki also mentioned, it is urgent to develop red palm cooking oil mill by the cooperation to respond palm cooking oil needs besides red palm cooking oil itself which is potential to deliver added values for the smallholders themselves.

“Red palm cooking oil is healthier and has kinds of advantages. It would solve palm cooking oil supply issue and deliver economic one for the people,” Masduki said.

He continued, red palm cooking oil development pilot project by the cooperation was initiated in North Sumatera, Riau, Jambi, and Central Kalimantan.

He himself saw the technology of red palm cooking oil production in person by PPKS Medan. He thought, the technology is easy to be implemented by cooperation, micro, small, and medium businesses.

“PPKS Medan has the technology to produce red palm cooking oil. It is in economic scale and could produce 500 kilograms per hour. I would discuss it with Ministry of Enterprises to produce more tools. When we do the pilot project, we would get the technology helps from PPKS,” Masduki said.

It needs synergy and partnership supports from every related stakeholder to realize food independency through downstream production namely in producing red palm cooking oil by the cooperation.

“I hope the partnership would run well because after the innovation, come collaboration. The next is the acceleration from everyone of us to get the outcome just like what we all hope for,” he said. (T5)


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