Smallholders in Bungo Hope the Government Cares For Them

Smallholders in Bungo Hope the Government Cares For Them

Palmoilmagazine, BUNGO – For the fresh fruit bunch (FFBP price does not get better, independent smallholders got the economic impact. They who live in Muara Bungo hoped, the government really cares about them. In addition, these months would be the new learning for their children and the smallholders need money to get them in school.

“We hope, the government really cares about us, the independent smallholders,” Hidayat, the independent smallholder in District of Muaro Bungo, Jambi Province, said to Palmoilmagazine, Friday (17/6/2022) pagi.

Prior he was excited to replant some of rubber trees which he got from his parents to be palm oil plantation. “I planted palm oil and cut rubber trees. I planted the superior seeds. I nurse them well according to other independent smallholders suggested,” Hidayat told.

For being convinced that palm oil would have the prospect, he planted palm oil seeds in District of Tebo. He bought some hectares of empty areas from other smallholders to be developed into palm oil plantations.

In the first year, the 35 year - old smallholder confessed, he enjoyed the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) harvest. It was about sold at Rp 3.000s per kilogram.

But he questioned why FFB price never gets better for months. This is bad. “I do not know how I feel. Is it traumatic, or am I sorry for this, this is my call,” he said.

The member of Sawitku Masa Depanku (SAMADE) District of Muaro Bungo also criticized the government for never having solution about palm cooking oil which delivers impacts in palm oil sector.

“This is my property. I myself bought the seeds and the fertilizers. The government delivered no cash and I never asked for it. How could this happen?” the smallholder of Sub district of Tanah Sepenggal Lintas, said.

He thought, it is useless to harvest FFB because the mills and loading ramps may be closed or stop to buy FFB from the smallholders. Hidayat should actually harvest his FFB on Saturday (18/6/2022).

"Why should I do it? The loading ramps told me that they are not operating anymore. If I send it to the mills, it is in limited numbers. It would spend two or three days to deliver our FFB to the mills,” he said. (T5)


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