Cow Integrated Program : To Block The Negative Impact Assumption in Palm Oil

Cow Integrated Program : To Block The Negative Impact Assumption in Palm Oil

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – The negative impact assumption by implementing palm oil – cow integrated program in palm oil plantations is denied by those who implement it.

General Secretary of Gabungan Penyelenggara Dan Pemerhati Sistem Integrasi Sawit-Sapi (Gapensiska), Wahyu Darsono said, from the experience for all these years, cow is not the animal that spreads ganoderma or sources of disease. It is clear that the result comes out from the program and positive to palm oil plantations, within condition, everything is in well management or every company should prepare 2 percent of their business license to breed cows.

He said there have been many scientific facts that prove palm oil is not the factor of Ganoderma. Its feces could be minimizing the spread of Ganoderma. “The feces of cows could enrich diversity of micro-organism in the soil and postpone Ganoderma to develop,” he who is the Ranch Manager PT Buana Karya Bhakti said to Palmoilmagazine.

In the future, he hoped that the establishment of Gapensiska as the multi-stakeholder organization in palm oil – cow integrated program could expand the implementation, be the solution to escalate the cow breeding, develop sustainable palm oil plantations and be the source of information in the program itself.

“Gapensiska could be the first step to accelerate, expand the adoption, expand the program in Indonesia. Gapensiska should be the helpdesk for anyone (namely the stakeholders, planters, and regional governments) that wants to implements the program both who runs it, just starts it, and others,” Wahyu said.

To make it popular, he continued, his side needs participation from many stakeholders, starting from the central government, regional government, the smallholders, the companies, and the breeders themselves.

At least, there are three main points in Gapensiska, first thing first, Gapensiska exists to bridge the implementation of palm oil – cow integrated program. He thought, Gapensiska is open up if there is company that would develop SISKA independently in their plantations.

The second, Gapensiska has to be able to encourage that the company (ies) could do partnership with the people around the plantations and breed cows in control. And the concept to happen is to about to deliver economic development around palm oil plantations.

The third, Gapensiska would follow up every activity which has been done to encourage main – plasma partnership, help to train the counselors in the program, and provide any information for anyone who needs more to escalate the understanding and knowledge about what, how, who, when, and where to do. (T2)


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