Holding PTPN Cooperates with Pertamina and KIS to Develop NRE in Palm Oil – base

Holding PTPN Cooperates with Pertamina and KIS to Develop NRE in Palm Oil – base

Pamoilmagazine, JAKARTA - Holding PTPN III (Persero) seriously develops new renewable energy (NRE) in palm oil waste – base. The holding cooperates with two companies, they are, PT KIS Biofuels Indonesia and PT Pertamina Power Indonesia.

It was told by Holding PTPN III through its official twitter on Wednesday, (29/6/2022), as what Pamoilmagazine got. It was mentioned that to support NRE, the Holding planned to develop bio compressed natural gas (BioCNG) in palm oil mill effluent (POME) - base.

It is planned to develop six units of BioCNG factory within 1,3 million mmBTU/year capacity until 2026. Pabrik Kelapa Sawit (PKS) Mayang belonging to PTPN IV would be one of the BioCNG development within 210 mmBTU/day capacity.

"The cooperation with PT KIS Biofuels Indonesia, BioCNG factory would be complete to build in the second semester of 2023,” as the Holding official information wrote.

The cooperation was confirmed by the signing memorandum of understanding of Bangun Guna Serah (BGS) between PTPN IV and PT KIS Biofuels Indonesia the 18th floor - ballroom of Gedung Agro Plaza, South Jakarta.

Besides PKS Mayang PTPN IV, PTPN III Holding would initiate the cooperation with PT Pertamina Power Indonesia to develop BioCNG factory for other three.

The three units would cover PKS Sei Silau PTPN III, PKS Bah Jambi, and PKS Gunung Bayu PTPN IV. (T5)


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