Drastically Cheaper, Bulk Palm Cooking Oil to be Rp 12.000/Kg

Drastically Cheaper, Bulk Palm Cooking Oil to be Rp 12.000/Kg

Pamoilmagazine, MEDAN – The government decided that the highest retail price (HRP) of bulk palm cooking oil is at Rp 14.000 per liter and Rp15.500 per kilogram. The government decided many to realize HRP, such as, banning crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative exports.

For now, the exports should fulfill some conditions which relates to bulk palm cooking oil fulfillment. What is the outcome?

Many places in North Sumatera, bulk palm cooking oil price gets cheaper. “In North Sumatera, it is drastically cheaper at Rp 12.000 per Kg," economic academy and observer in Medan, Gunawan Benjamin told to Pamoilmagazine, Friday (1/7/2022).

He is also the member of Pusat Informasi Harga Pangan Strategis (PIHPS) in North Sumatera. PIHPS is an institution formed by Indonesian Bank and available in many regions in this country where Indonesian Bank operats. PIHPS should monitor food price in the society.

He is not talking only about bulk palm cooking oil. He found that many retailers in Village of Bangun Sari Baru, Sub district of Tanjung Morawa, District of Deli Serdang sold it at the same price.  

Looking back at the cheaper or decreasing bulk palm cooking oil, he thought, this could be the chance in Medan or other cities in Indonesia to get the same price at HRP.

“This could be pressing bulk palm cooking oil to be the same or, at least, slightly different from HRP as what the government published,” he said. (T5)


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