Governor of Bengkulu Proposed to Solve FFB Price

Governor of Bengkulu Proposed to Solve FFB Price

Palmoilmagazine, PEKANBARU – In the meeting of governors in Sumatera, 2022, there were some issues to discuss, such as, the mouth and foot disease in the livestock, infrastructures, and fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price which hits the lowest numbers after crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative export ban was revoked.

In the meeting, Governor of Bengkulu, Rohidin proposed about FFB price and this should be a notice for every governor in Sumatera. “The provinces in Sumatera are mostly the area where palm oil plantations grow,” he said, as quoted from the official page of Bengkulu Province.

He continued, the equal infrastructures in Sumatera should be the notice, including about Proyek Strategis Nasional (PSN) to support in Bengkulu and in Sumatera in general.

“We have to encourage natural resource downstream progress that could involve every province’s roles in Sumatera,” he said in Pekanbaru by the late of June 2022.

He also mentioned, he agreed to establish forum untuk pengawasan stabilitas harga, the procurement, distribution, and access of agricultural commodity fund in the island.

“We realize that about palm oil, the smallholders get many troubles for the cheap FFB. There has to be intervention and solution about it,” Rohidin said. (T2)


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