Prepare 16,5 Hectares: KUD Tiku V Jorong Is Ready to Construct Palm Cooking Oil Mill

Prepare 16,5 Hectares: KUD Tiku V Jorong Is Ready to Construct Palm Cooking Oil Mill

Palmoilmagazine, AGAM – Establishing and being active to develop cooperation are the best ways that the smallholders do. By the cooperation, the power and welfare of smallholders would potentially exist.

The independent smallholders that join Koperasi Unit Desa (KUD) Tiku V Jorong, Jorong, Sub district of Tanjung Mutiara, District of Agam, West Sumatera Province proved it.

From the official statement of Ministry of Cooperation, Small and Medium Business (SMB) that Palmoilmagazine got, Saturday (2/7/2022), the cooperation is about 30 years and has 3.700 members within the asset reaching Rp 142 billion.

The cooperation hoped and planned to construct palm oil factory to process fresh fruit bunch (FFB) to be palm cooking oil. They would do it in order that every drop of crude palm oil (CPO) would be exported, and the way to face the cheap FFB.

The cooperation provided 16,5 hectares to construct the mill. The members of the cooperation are preparing the permit of construction.

“We hope to construct mill to process FFB to be palm cooking oil so that CPO would not be exported in much and we would process it ourselves. We have been preparing 16,5 hectares, the documents, and the permit to construct the mill. We hope the support from Ministry of Cooperation SMB,” one coordinator of KUD Tiku V Jorong, Darwan who represented the Chairman of the KUD, Datuak Bandaharo, said.

Darwan continued, the cooperation cultivates about 3.000 hectares of palm oil plantations. “We have divided fund about Rp 136 billion, which each smallholder go Rp 221 million," he said. He also told the plan of the KUD together with the smallholders who discussed with Minister of Cooperation SMB, Teten Masduki.

In the discussion, Regent of Agam, Andri Warman; Head of Cooperation and SMB West Sumatera Province, Nazwir; Chairman of Agam Legislators, Novi Irwan; Deputy of Entrepreneurship Ministry of Cooperation SMB, Siti Azizah; and Head of Industry, Trade, and Cooperation District of Agam, Dedi Azwar attended it.

For information, KUD Tiku V Jorong is well-known in the province. From the official information of District of Agam, the cooperation constructed mosque - Mesjid Mazra’atul Akhirah which is big and elegant which spent about Rp 5,3 billion in Village of Muaro Putuih.

In November 2021, the cooperation KUD was appreciated for handing over 7,5 tons of rice to 1.500 villagers who got vaccine in the office of KUD V Jorong. (T5)


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