MSMB Can Export Palm Oil Products

MSMB Can Export Palm Oil Products

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Before 2022, the biggest exchange of Indonesia derived from palm oil derivative products. In 2021 the exchange from palm oil reached US$ 35 billion or more than Rp 500 billion.

The re-open crude pam oil (CPO) and its derivative export is the chance for the big scale company, micro small and medium business (MSMB), the smallholders, and young generations to export palm oil and its derivative products.

For the record, palm oil export potential is open not only in the main product, but also in the derivative products. What is interesting is that the dry wastes, such as, shell, empty bunches, cake, or liquid waste would have added and high economic values.

“Years ago, the exports were for the big companies. But in digital technology in these days, others (start-up) have the same chance to access the global markets,” Chairman in Communication Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Tofan Mahdi said in Gelar Wicara Gensaw Corner by the late of June 2022 in Jakarta.

He mentioned, palm oil sector has the big opportunity to get further development. One consideration to do it is the demand from the globe on palm oil itself. He suggested, the pioneer businessmen should target the small countries where they really need palm oil products or the countries which the government and the private do not supply still.

“Get the chance in micro or individual sector which many do not reach for. If the big companies cannot reach for them, the MSMB would certainly get into,” Tofan said. (T5)


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