Solving Oil Palm Problems with Dialogue

Solving Oil Palm Problems with Dialogue

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – The rumors saying that some mills temporarily not operating could impact to the labors’ economy that work in palm oil plantation sub sector.

Knowing this, Chairman of Federasi Serikat Buruh Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (F-SERBUNDO), Herwin Nasution SH asked for every party to discuss, conduct dialogue to solve the never-ending palm oil issues in national scale.

Mas Don, his nick name told, it is important to conduct dialogue because palm oil is the one of economic factors for Indonesia. “Palm oil delivered big exchange for Indonesia,” he recently said to InfoSAWIT in a seminar in Medan.

He continued, F - SERBUNDO emphasized the dialogue not to get more issues and solution at all. He predicted the palm oil plantation labors are on the line.

“For example, the harvesters that work in many smallholders’ plantations – for the smallholders decided not to harvest because the cheap fresh fruit bunch (FFB), this would stop the harvesters to work. They are jobless, of course,” he said.

Mas Don also knew that some labors in many mills should be jobless for some time because the stakeholders stopped their operational for having losses too much.

He continued the government is the first party to get the dialogue done. “Every palm oil issue started from what the government published. The government has the power to regulate or publish (a) policies in palm oil industries nationally. That is why, before deciding the crucial thing, invite us, the labors, the smallholders, and stakeholders,” Mas Don said.

He continued, the dialogue should be for the future condition if something terrible happens in palm oil industries and the derivative products, like palm cooking oil issue which got much more expensive in months before. “Every crucial policy, like palm cooking oil regulation, should involve many elements, such as, the labors, smallholders, and the stakeholders,” the former Director of Kelompok Pelita Sejahtera (KPS) told, (T5)


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