Together with the Police and Ombudsman to Monitor Smallholders’ FFB Price

Together with the Police and Ombudsman to Monitor Smallholders’ FFB Price

Palmoilmagazine, PONTIANAK – For fresh fruit bunch (FFB) gets cheaper and impacts many smallholders in West Kalimantan Province, Governor of West Kalimantan, Sutarmidji asked for many to struggle for the expensive FFB based on the regulation. He also told that palm oil plantation company permits were published by the districts, not the province.

He also emphasized, heads of plantation agencies and mayors are encouraged to monitor what they are in charge of. “Please monitor everything. Meet every company that breaks the regulation. Do not let FFB get cheaper,” Sutarmidji said when facing many smallholders in the office of West Kalimantan Governor last Friday.

He also reminded many companies to respect FFB price which has been decided. “In the future, we are ready to be in synergy with the police and Ombudsman to monitor FFB price. Who breaks the decision would get the sanction,” Sutarmidji said.

Not only that, the provincial government would deliver this issue to the related ministries and if it is necessary, the companies’ permits would be frozen. He would tell to the central government to reduce every tax or levy. “West Kalimantan Province has its influence in palm oil because it is the second biggest palm oil producer in Indonesia,” he said. (T2)


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