Bengkulu Attorney Decided Four Corruption Suspects in SRP

Bengkulu Attorney Decided Four Corruption Suspects in SRP

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Palmoilmagazine, BENGULU – On Saturday (15/7/2022) Bengkulu Attorney decided four corruption suspects in smallholders replanting program (SRP) case in District of North Bengkulu.

This case costs about Rp 150 billion, involved 2 thousand smallholders that got the helps. Chief of Bengkulu Attorney, Heri Jerman confirmed it.

“I worked late at night until 2 a.m. It is true that we decided four corruption suspects in SRP But I would officially announce it on Thursday (21/7/2022)," Heri said in the anniversary of Adhyaksa in Bengkulu, as quoted from Kompas. Now the four suspects are arrested by the Attorney.

Prior the Attorney thought, SRP had some fraud because the IDs that got the help, as a matter of fact, are dead. The fund use was not for palm oil but for rubber replanting, orange, and buying the area in plantation Business Rights. The budget delivered by Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) was handed over through smallholders’ group with hundreds of membership and they got Rp 25 million per hectare. (T2)

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