Webinar #5 Indonesian Planter Society: Tips To be The Real Professional Planters

Webinar #5 Indonesian Planter Society: Tips To be The Real Professional Planters

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – For the fifth time, Indonesian Planter Society (IPS) did online webinar. This becomes the routine of IPS in Covid-19 pandemic until now.

The theme was "Best Planter Practice Kelapa Sawit dari Profesional Profesi Planter”. IPS presented two professional planters with their world class – experiences in palm oil plantations.

The two are members of IPS and told their experienced in palm oil plantations through books.

The first is Maruli Pardamen. He is an active writer and published 8 (eight) palm oil books and the only one writer that wrote palm oil books the most in Indonesia.

The second is Abdul Hamdan Nasution. He has much experience in palm oil plantation, worked in many palm oil plantation companies, such as, Lonsum, PT Medco Agro, Agrina Sawit, CCM Group, but now works at PT Mutiara Sawit Seluma.

The webinar was moderated by one Chairman of IPS, Darus Salam.

Chairman IPS, Jamalul in his speech said, by the webinar it is hoped to be the place to know one to another and deliver more information to members of IPS about palm oil sectors, particularly palm oil plantations for they keep developing.

In the meantime, Maruli Pardamean told, planter is the oldest profession but not many know the profession. It needs to remember that human resource is one factor to determine the success of plantation businesses.

“A great planter would make a company great,” he said in the online webinar #5 IPS, Saturday (23/7/2022) which Palmoilmagazine joined.

It needs to prepare the planter candidates to work by telling the description of palm oil plantation. “Of course, a planters should also escalate his competence” Maruli said.

He continued, if a planter is a profession, he needs to have special knowledge in certain sector, involve in much intellectual activity, prepare much. It is not only trainings. It needs continuous or sustainable trainings to do his work or profession, prioritizes the people’s interest more than his personal interest, joins the professionals in the same part. “The code of ethic and standards should he do,” Maruli said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Hamdan Nasution said, the planters should understand Agro, Psycho, Sociology. These are for junior planters. Nasution mentioned, Agro means, everything that relates to agronomy, agro-technology, and business aspect which some got when studying (in many levels).

Psycho means, everything that relates to psychic or mentality though a planter has different one. Sociology means, a planter is always attached to the social. A planter should notice his performance. “A planter is executive profession and professional. He should be clean and good looking,” he said by continuing, he has to be having clean face, and put on leathered shoes.

The most important thing, he continued, is that a planter should talk with data. He should master data, such as, hectare statement, the map, the production statistic, the nursery progress, and production cost.

“A planter’s philosophy should be mind – business, how to save, what would be profits, but it does not mean, he would not do it; always calculate well. He has to have eagle eyes and smart, healthy, has integrity, hones, cold head, and soft heart, could control emotion, and steel of feet,” Nasution said. (T2)


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