Moeldoko: About Palm Oil has Problems and establish Badan Sawit Indonesia

Moeldoko: About Palm Oil has Problems and establish Badan Sawit Indonesia

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Palm oil sectors face difficult situation and independent smallholders should sell their fresh fruit bunch (FFB) cheap and it seems it has no end, a proposal came up to establish Badan Sawit Indonesia.

Chief of President’s Staff Office, Moeldoko said, it is not urgent to establish such organization. He said, it was proposed by Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apksindo). In fact, Indonesia has Badan Pangan Nasional

“We should not be talkative that palm oil has issue and should establish badan sawit," Moeldoko said at Bina Graha, Jakarta, Monday (25/7/2022) as quoted from Kompas. He also mentioned, if there is proposal to establish new institution, as a matter of fact, it should refer to Badan Pangan Nasional

Prior Apkasindo mentioned, there were some things to get solution, the institution mentioned, it needed to establish Badan Sawit Indonesia (BADASI) which the President should manage. The institution would regulate everything about palm oil – from the upstream to downstream sectors.

Apkasindo thought, palm oil plantation companies should be the members of Indonesian Palm Oil Association; the smallholders should be too through associations which the government directly monitors. (T2)


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