Apkasindo : The Government Should be Wise to Child Labor Issue in Palm Oil Sector

Apkasindo : The Government Should be Wise to Child Labor Issue in Palm Oil Sector

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – In recent days, Ministry of Labor commemorated Hari Anak Nasional and committed to discipline child labors, such as, in palm oil plantations.

Minister of Labor, Ida Fauzia committed to facilitate 287 palm oil plantation companies in 7 provinces to realize free child labor - palm oil plantations.

Secretary of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo) Aceh Province, Fadhli Ali urged the government to be wise and careful when discussing child labor issue in palm oil plantations.

He thought, it is not logic because there is no benefit for palm oil companies hiring children in their companies. He is doubtful about children’s productivity rather than adult’s productivity.

He convinced a company would be reported to the officers if hiring child(ren). “For instance, the children of labors in palm oil plantation companies should work. It is impossible. There would be report about the force labor. Is it possible,” he said to Palmoilmagazine, Monday (25/7/2022).

Besides Ali mentioned, the government should be good enough to differentiate the children who live around palm oil plantations and child labors.

“If the children live around or in a palm oil plantation company, but have no father or parents who earn their lives, then the children should work in shift by picking the seeds in palm oil plantation company or in the people’s plantations to earn themselves or their mothers, is it wrong?” he questioned.

If it is wrong, he agreed if the (regional and central) governments or non-government organization(s) should be responsible on helping them, paying everything for their lives and families. “If they talk non-sense or accuse it is wrong, but after that they do nothing, for me, the governments and NGO are wrong at all. They are non-sense,” he said. (T5)


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