CPO Tender at KPBN Got Better to be Rp 10.400/Kg at First Week in August 2022

CPO Tender at KPBN Got Better to be Rp 10.400/Kg at First Week in August 2022

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Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Crude palm oil (CPO) tender at PT. Kharisma Pemasaran Bersama Nusantara (KPBN) on Friday (5/8/2022) got better to be Rp 10.400/kg. It means, it increased about Rp 300/kg compared to Thursday (4/7/2022) tender which was Rp 10.100/kg.

From what Palmoilmagazine got from KPBN, in Belawan and Dumai it was Rp 10.400/kg, in Palembang it was Rp 10.300/Kg. In Lampung it was Rp 10.250/kg but in withdraw (WD) status, In East Kalimantan it was Rp 10.200/kg.

When the Government of Indonesia escalated CPO exports by delivering export quota multiplier ration to be 9 times from the previous which was 7 times only, in the same time, wheat and sunflower oil main producer, Ukraine planned to export 3 million tons of vegetable oil in August 2022. 1,3 million tons would be delivered from river port at Danube.

It was announced by Vice Chairman of Agrarian Board of Ukraine, Denys Marchuk in the press conference at Ukrinform media center. It means, vegetable oil supply would be increasing in August 2022 and could make CPO price cheaper.

Here are CPO tender prices at KPBN (Rp./Kg), exclude income tax on Friday (5/8/2022):


Belawan & Dumai it was Rp. 10.400-MM, ACI, WNI

Palembang it was Rp. 10.300-SAP

Lampung it was Rp. 10.250 (WD).

East Kalimantan it was Rp. 10.200 (WD).



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