Former Inhu Regent and Owner of Duta Palma Becomes Suspect

Former Inhu Regent and Owner of Duta Palma Becomes Suspect

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Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – In a virtual press conference on Monday (1/8/2022), The Attorney decided two suspects of of Alleged Crime and Money Laundry by PT Duta Palma Group in District of Indragiri Hulu (Inhu). The suspects are RTR as the former Regent of Inhu in 1999 - 2008 and SD as the owner of PT. Duta Palma Group. In the money laundry case, the Attorney decided one suspect - SD.

The report mentioned that in 2003, SD – the owner of PT Duta Palma Group that has many subsidiaries, such as, PT Banyu Bening Utama, PT Panca Agro Lestari, PT Seberida Subur, PT Palma Satu, and PT Kencana Amal Tani, had a conclusion with RTR as the Regent of Inhu (in 1999-2008).

The agreements were about to ease, smooth palm oil plantation business in the publication of Business Rights to every subsidiary of SD in Inhu which the areas were in forest regions both in production forests which could be conversed to be conversed production forests, limited production forest, and other use forest in Inhu by establishing permits about locations, plantation business which were against the law and without having principle permits, environmental analysis to get the forest release permit and business rights.

Besides, PT Duta Palma Group until now has no forest release and business rights permits. The company never fulfills its legal obligation to provide partnership program (20%) of the total plantations that the company cultivates as it is regulated in the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 26 / 2007 Chapter 11.

What PT Duta Palma Group did, delivered losses for the economy of this country, such as, the loss of people’s rights in District of Inhu which got advantages from the forests to increase their economy; and the damages of forest ecosystem.

“The estimation of financial loss and economy of the country based on the experts calculated reached Rp 78 billion,” Head of Legal Information Center, The Attorney, Ketut Sumeda said, as in his official statement. (T2)


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