To Produce Palm Cooking Oil 1,8 Million Ton, PTPN Would Consolidate 36 Sugar Factories

To Produce Palm Cooking Oil 1,8 Million Ton, PTPN Would Consolidate 36 Sugar Factories

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Coordinator Ministry in Economy through Komite Percepatan Penyediaan Infrastruktur Prioritas (KPPIP) claimed the integration of PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) Grup by establishing PalmCo, SugarCo, and Supporting Co has been registered in the new national strategic project (NSP) within nomenclature of Program Revitalisasi Industri Gula Nasional dan Hilirisasi Industri Kelapa Sawit.

Deputy in Spatial and Regional Development Coordination Coordinator Ministry in Economy who is also the Chairman Team of KPPIP, Wahyu Utomo said, PTPN planned to realize the three strategic initiatives to support the national program.

For instance, it would develop Sugar Co (PT Singergi Gula Nusantara) to get sugar commodity, which is the entity to consolidate 36 sugar factories by having strategic partnership that targets to contribute in sugar self-sufficiency nationally within the target, sugar production would be 1,8 million tons per year in 2026.

It would develop Palm Co as the integrated program of PTPN that integrates downstream to upstream sectors in PTPN and would become the biggest palm oil plantation company in the world within the area target reaching 706.000 hectares in 2026, produce 1,8 million tons of olein per year and 433.000 tons of biodiesel per year.

“Olein, as it is hoped, would fulfill at about 30% domestic palm cooking oil consumption,” he said in the press release that Palmoilmagazine got, Sunday (14/8/2022).

PTPN Group would develop Supporting Co that would focus to manage its business besides sugar and palm oil by focusing to make tea and coffee better and develop new businesses in asset optimization – based. (T2)


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