Regent of Sambas: Obey Regulation and Stop Full Loaded FFB Truck

Regent of Sambas: Obey Regulation and Stop Full Loaded FFB Truck

Palmoilmagazine, SAMBAS – For many over loaded fresh fruit bunch (FFB) trucks passing by on the road, Regent of Sambas, H. Satono stopped them. It was on the road of Village of Dalam Kaum, Sub district of Sambas, District of Sambas, Thursday (25/8/2022).

One truck should be stuck on a bad road which the government was re-improving. Satono said, he never forbids any vehicle to pass by on the road of Sambas. But everything should obey the available regulations.

As Palmoilmagazine quoted from the official page of District of Sambas, Saturday (28/8/2022), he also asked for palm oil plantation companies not to let their FFB trucks overloaded. He also asked for the people to actively monitor every vehicle passing by on the road. “If the people see overloaded truck, please report to transportation agency or police,” he said.

He mentioned, there would be razzia in every single day and order Transportation Agency and Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja District of Sambas to firmly act and ask for the provincial government to develop the scale for trucks in the district.

The same thing was told by the people, Hendra, for instance. He was not happy with the overloaded trucks. He hoped that every truck uses nets to cover up their FFB and do not be overloaded because it would make the road worse.

Every truck that passes by on the main road, Hendra also hoped not to be fast for it could endanger others that pass by. They should not work out of their operational. Other people, Dodot hoped, the trucks should minimize the load based on the capacity of the trucks themselves. (T2)


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