To Coordinate Research and Study, IPB University Established Pusat Studi Sawit

To Coordinate Research and Study, IPB University Established Pusat Studi Sawit

Palmoilmagazine, BOGOR – As the follow up of memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) and Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) on 10 September 2019 about Kerjasama Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi to develop sustainable palm oil industries and plantation, on Friday (9/9/2022) Pusat Studi Sawit IPB University (PUSDI SAWIT IPB) was officially established.

It is written in the MoU that IPB would establish Pusat Studi Sawit by hoping to coordinate the research and study about palm oil comprehensively from many studies in IPB and disseminate the result of research and study to the people and the government.

Prof Budi Mulyanto said, the vision of PUSDI SAWIT IPB is to be a reliable and advance palm oil study center to answer every challenge and issue in palm oil, both in local, regional, and global level.

He also mentioned, the institution has four mission, such as, supporting to develop palm oil plantations and industries by increasing the production, quality, and economic value that contribute to buffer the economy nationally.

The second, supporting palm oil plantations and industrial development to develop employment and empower the people. The third, supporting palm oil industrial development by buffering the interest in national level; and the fourth, developing science, technology, and management in palm oil industries to increase the people’s welfare inclusively and sustainably.

“To realize the vision and mission, the goal of PUSDI SAWIT IPB is to conduct study and action about palm oil industries and plantation in national scale to develop the economy, social, and ecology inclusively, both in local, national, and global level to support security and escalate the people’s welfare nationally,” Prof Budi mentioned.

It needs to get the solution on the challenge and issue that the plantation and industries face in environment, health, human rights, trade, and other strategic parts nationally. (T2)


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