To Develop Tourism Object, Collaboration between Palm Oil Company and LPHD

To Develop Tourism Object, Collaboration between Palm Oil Company and LPHD

Palmoilmagazine, KETAPANG - Batu Hitam Waterfall now becomes the excursion option in Ketapang for it has beautiful natural sight. The visitors would see beautiful environment and there are fruit plantations too. The existence of excursion object, as a matter of fact, has something to do with the cooperation among Kelompok Usaha Perhutanan Sosial Agrowisata (KUPS), LPHD Sembelangaan and Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA Grup).  

Who knows that District of Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province now develops with cool waterfall excursion, and many visitors came there besides Gunung Palung National Park.

District of Ketapang also has beaches. In the potential waterfall, the water derives from Gunung Tarak Protected Forest which is beautiful still and full of trees.

One exotic waterfall where clean water flows you can visit is Batu Hitam Waterfall. Located in Dusun Sumber Priangan, Village of Simpang Tiga Sembelangaan, Sub district of Nanga Tayap, it is about 104 kilometers from the capital city of Ketapang or about two hours by bus. Batu Hitam Waterfall is surrounded by natural trees and stones which formed pool.

The visitors could play into the water, see the beautiful surrounding, and enjoy the cool water. Actually, the waterfall is managed by Kelompok Usaha Perhutanan Sosial Agrowisata (KUPS), LPHD Sembelangaan in cooperation with Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA Grup).

Since Saturday (28 January 2022), Batu Hitam Waterfall natural excursion has been visited by the local villagers of Simpang Tiga Sembelangaan and around.

Many people from City of Ketapang visited and enjoyed it. Coordinator of Batu Hitam Waterfall natural excursion, Sonny of LPHD Sembelangaan said, every lebaran holiday, the visitors coming to the place could be triplet, up to hundreds but in weekdays, tens of visitors may come here.

“They just want to enjoy the beautiful sights and wave from the waterfall. Many big black stones here which are naturally arranged,” Sonny said. The people who live around District of Ketapang, they can try to enjoy it namely those who love doing excursion, it is better to come by to Batu Hitam Waterfall natural excursion.

In fact, the visitors would enjoy not only the waterfall but also could see fruit plantations around the hill though it still takes time to be in fruit because they were planted in 2021.

From the hilly areas, the visitors could see the other beautiful sight of Batu Hitam waterfall. In this location the visitor could take picture to multiply their exotic natural sight collection.

"Air terjun yang sangat keren dengan bebatuan cadas warna hitam dan jernihnya air sangat menyegarkan..semoga tetap lestari dan dijaga untuk keaslian naturalnya," @ArexsaChannel said in his youtube channel @ERZA Official. (T2)


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