Ministry of Agriculture Suggests DNA Testing of Oil Palm Seeds in the Community

Ministry of Agriculture Suggests DNA Testing of Oil Palm Seeds in the Community

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA - The low productivity is one issue to develop smallholders’ palm oil plantations. That is why since 2016 the government implements SRP which Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) supports the fund.

But until now fake palm oil distribution still happens in many smallholders. And to confirm the certified seeds in SRP, the government would implement palm oil seeds distribution should be having DNA test in the first place.

Director of Plantation Seeds, General Directorate of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Saleh Mokhtar said, the low plantation productivity happens for the smallholders planted fake or uncertified seeds.

“That is why General Directorate of Plantation encouraged to get DNA test before distributing it,” he said in a webinar with the theme “Dampak Positif Program PSR, Sarpras dan Pengembangan SDM Bagi Petani Sawit”, that Palmoilmagazine attended in the midst of June 2022 in Jakarta.

The certified seeds would support and escalate the smallholders’ plantation productivity. The beginning of plantation growth is from the seeds though the cost to get seeds would be about 7% of palm oil plantation development.

Saleh continued, the good and certified seeds are the basic modal to succeed palm oil plantation itself. The misconduct of using or planting seeds would deliver losses during the economic age of the trees. The quality conditions of palm oil seeds have Indonesian National Standard (INS) with the number 8211:2015.

Ministry of Agriculture would do some, such as, to guarantee palm oil seed availability and quality, such as, encouraging palm oil producers/candidates of seed producers to produce and release new superior variety.

As the start, the government would supervise seed quality to support SRP, in the long term, the goal is to map and could be the tool to determine monitoring police about palm oil seed distribution to prevent/anticipate fake seeds distribution in Indonesia.


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