Ombudsman Recommends Revoking Palm Cooking Oil DMO

Ombudsman Recommends Revoking Palm Cooking Oil DMO

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – In the Laporan Akhir Hasil Pemeriksaan (LAHP) of Ombudsman Indonesia abut mal-administration practices to provide and stabilization of palm cooking oil, the organization recommended the government to revoke palm cooking oil domestic market obligation (DMO).

The member of Ombudsman Indonesia, Yeka Hendra Fatika thought DMO which the stakeholders should do focuses to distribute palm cooking oil to the regions where they are closer to the area or supply chain in the geographic. He also mentioned, DMO which is now running also impacts to the late process of export approval publication for the stakeholders.

“The government needs to re-formulate DMO and comprehensively re-study the establishment of organization or special board that deals with palm oil,” he said, as in the official statement to some journalists in Jakarta, Tuesday (13/9/2022).

Besides, Ombudsman Indonesia also recommended that Minister of Trade to re-formulate the policy to guarantee the stock and stability of palm cooking oil price.

In its investigation to the assumption of mal-administration to provide and stabilize palm cooking oil price, Yeka mentioned, many regulations were published in a very shot time but could not solve every issue (in palm cooking oil). “It indicated every plan and arrangement never ran based on the standards when arranging the regulations,” he said. (T2)


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