Transformation of the CSPO Global Certified Palm Oil Market Needs Global Market Support

Transformation of the CSPO Global Certified Palm Oil Market Needs Global Market Support

Inke Van der Sluijs, Director of Market Transformation RSPO. Credit, KUALA LUMPUR – The development of sustainable palm oil products in Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificate - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) still needs the supports from other RSPO members, such as, traders and manufacturer.

Director of Market Transformation RSPO, Inke Van der Sluijs said the abundant CSPO production from many palm oil plantations including from Indonesia, as a matter of fact, still needs highly absorption from the globe, namely from RSPO members in trade and manufacturer sectors because RSPO membership is voluntary and that is why it needs active participation from every member.

“RSPO membership is voluntary and it needs initiatives from every side to realize CSPO as a same norm,” Inke recently said to in the spare time of Annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT22) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by the late of November 2022.

Though CSPO is applied as ingredient of a product, Inke thought, CSPO is part of the product. European Union countries which mostly use CSPO as ingredient, they are difficult to label CSPO in their products because they use small parts of CSPO as the ingredients.

“Many products in European Union use CSPO but because of its small application, they do not label CSPO in their products,” Inke said.

She continued, product specification in the continent would be labeled if using many materials in the products. But if the materials are in very small numbers, it would not be specifically labeled. “For there are many other materials, every material cannot be labeled in a product,” she explained.

Data from RSPO revealed, as Inke mentioned, most traders and manufacturers in the continent use or apply CSP as vegetable oil consumption. “Though many CSPO products, European Union keeps increasing the needs of CSPO,” Inke said.

RSPO also took other countries to use palm oil, such as, China, India, and Indonesia to support CSPO application as the option of vegetable oil. She thought, CSPO would be the same normal in the globe by using it.

“CSPO would be the same norm to support the sustainability of people, planet, and prosperity of us,” Inke said.

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