How to Make Home Made Biodiesel

How to Make Home Made Biodiesel, JAKARTA – When environmental issues are discussed and the deficit of fossil fuel raised, the world is encouraged to get new source of energy. Of course, the new source of energy should be more environmental and renewable.

In the late days, biodiesel raised up as the alternative of new fuel and renewable one. Biodiesel is kept being developed because kinds of vegetable oil can also be the sources of producing biodiesel, for instance, from corn, rapeseed, and palm oil.

If using the mainstay commodities as materials, it would spend much and it seems, biodiesel could only be produced by big mills. But the fact showed, biodiesel can be home-made.

Just like in the book Membuat Sendiri Biodiesel, Bahan Bakar Alternatif Pengganti Solar by Syamsudin Manai. Biodiesel is easily made, including the capital which does not reach billion or million rupiah.

The book described the detail about biodiesel production. Of course, it is from many alternative materials from vegetable oil in Indonesia besides palm oil and the people could implement it in their house.

For the people who live around palm oil plantation, it needs to try home made biodiesel. Besides being easy, they would not depend on fossil diesel which is in price fluctuation. Try it!!

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