RED III Revision of Rules for Used Cooking Oil

RED III Revision of Rules for Used Cooking Oil, JAKARTA - European Commission proposed significant changes about double calculation systems that refer the approach in RED II. Used palm cooking oil may be taken as waste and it needs to conduct double calculation for decarbonization in transportation sectors in EU. For instance, if used palm cooking oil consumption reached 2%, it would be calculated as 4% of the total energy use in transportation sector. There would be incentive when using palm cooking oil to realized renewable energy targets.

Uthaya Kumar of Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) mentioned, used palm cooking oil can be conversed to produce biofuel. In 2019 more than 1 million metric tons of used palm cooking oil were exported by Malaysia to EU.

In the proposal in RED II, European Commission vanished the reference to get ‘double calculation’ about biofuel in waste – base and vanished additional incentive, and encourage to reduce palm cooking oil as biofuel materials.

He continued, in used palm cooking oil, European Parliament proposed to add new notes in Chapter 38b that mentions, the close anti-fraud should be regulated, namely in used palm cooking oil because it was highly mixed with palm oil. “That is why the fraud prevention is significant to prevent unhealthy competition, and deforestation in the third countries, full traceability, and there should be certificate from every material,” the regulation noted.

That is why European Parliament proposed to get amendment in paragraph 3 Chapter 30 about the obedience verification to sustainability criteria and save GHG emission, which is, the audit should be verified by the systems which are used by stakeholders accurately, reliably, and protected from the fraud. “The verification is about to confirm that the materials are not modified or intentionally thrown away and be exported as wastes or residue,” Uthaya Kumar said. (T2)

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