To know Artificial and Natural Fatty Alcohols, Palm Oil Derivative Products

To know Artificial and Natural Fatty Alcohols, Palm Oil Derivative Products, JAKARTA - Fatty alcohol is the general term used in many aliphatic hydro carbon which contains of hydroxyl (OH). Fatty alcohol derives from many natural sources, including bacteria, vegetable oils (palm oil), and animal fat.

Besides, many industries produce fatty alcohol which derives from many sources, such as, fatty acid or derivative carbon from petroleum in crude oil (fossil). In general, it is applied for consumers goods, including by pharmaceutical, detergent (as sulfates or polyethoxylates), cosmetics, and plastic industries.

There are some processes to get fatty alcohol but in big line, the process is divided into two general categories: the first, oleochemical process. It means, the most general feedstock applied in oleochemical process is fat and oil from plantation or animal, such as, coconut, palm kernel oil, animal fat, or other triglycerides.

The second, petrochemical process which means, the most general feedstock applied is olefins (alpha and internal), ethylene, and propylene oligomers. The different production method could produce different profile composition which is classified based on the sources of materials.

The chemical symbol of fatty alcohol is C6 to C22. It is mostly used to produce ionic and anionic surfactant. It is hardly 50% of fatty alcohol production volume is used by such industries. The rests are applied in others, such as, lubricants, emollient, solubilizing, and emulsifier.

Besides, it is used as the addictive to plastics, paper, and plaster. The big scale synthesis production for industrial needs crown fatty alcohol as high production volume category and because of it, they discussed in REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) – the regulation that has something to do with chemical substance and material in European Union.

The 159 page – book provides complete information about fatty alcohol, starting from the production, the relationship with the environment, and the possibility of toxicity. Besides, the book also provides environment data from many regions in the world and discusses the contribution of anthropogenic in the regions. (T2)

Book Info:

Title               : Fatty Alcohols:  Anthropogenic and  Natural Occurrence in the Environment

Author           : Stephen Mudge, Scott E. Belanger, Allen M. Nielsen

Publisher       : Royal Society Of Chemistry

Page              : 159

Year               : 2008

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