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Learn about Sustainable Practices, 26 Independent Smallholders Joined Sekolah Lapangan

Palmoilmagazine, PEMATANG RAYA – The independent smallholders in Dusun V Negeri I, Nagori Muara Mulai, Sub district of Tanah Jawa, District of Simalungun, North Sumatera Province did sekolah lapangan that delivered materials about sustainable palm oil plantation practices.


To Get Increasing Production, Select the Right Fertilizer

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA - In general, fertilization is about to guarantee available nutrient optimally to support the plantation to grow and get increasing harvest. There are kinds of fertilizers sold in the markets but the planters should know and figure out what fertilizers to apply to increase the harvest, and also to notice environmental aspects as the consideration.


Palm Oil Trade in the Philippines Continues to Grow

Palmoilmagazine, KUALA LUMPUR – For having population about 115 million men, fat and oil consumption in Philippine reached 1,7 million metric tons (MT) in 2021, or increased 41.000 tons or about 2,5% compared to 2020. Palm oil is the main consumption in the country that contributed about 76,7% of the total oil and fat in the country in 2021.


Stakeholders Boost ISPO and RSPO Certification in Jambi

Palmoilmagazine, JAMBI - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Jambi Province, districts, and local organization launched memorandum of understanding (MoU) to escalate smallholders’ inclusion in sustainable ecosystem through Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification scheme.


Could be Increasing : Palm Oil Exports in the Second Quarter of 2022

Palmoilmagazine, AGRA – Palm oil exports from Indonesia could be increasing in the second semester this year because of the temporary zero levy. But the total exports from Indonesia could be much less in 2022 than the prediction that reached 33,7 million tons because of the previous lockdown, as quoted from Reuters.


Got Cheaper 6,85%, CPO Price at Malaysia Exchange

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Crude palm oil (CPO) price at Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange decreased almost 7% on Monday (26/9/2022) because of the cheaper other vegetable oil price when many concern about global recession and the warning of advance analysts that predicted, CPO could be cheaper 30% until the late of this year because of abundant supply but decreasing demands.


David Ng : CPO Price in Indonesia is Cheaper than it from Malaysia

Palmoilmagazine, KUALA LUMPUR – In the competition, (crude) palm oil from Malaysia is defeated by Indonesia because the Government of Indonesia minimizes the levy which showed that Indonesia really focuses to reduce the stocks for the last few months.


Vice Regent of Asahan Re-enivenin PIR System

Palmoilmagazine, KISARAN – Vice Regent of Asahan, Taufik Zainal Abidin hoped that the central government and Indonesian Legislators re-eniven palm oil plantation development in perkebunan inti rakyat (PIR) system because it proved to welfare the smallholders.


Based on Stranas PK Data, Rohul Manages Palm Oil Plantations

Palmoilmagazine, PASIR PENGARAIAN – To get the advantages from palm oil plantations, District of Rokan Hulu (Rohul) did accelerate the program of Strategi Nasional Pencegahan Korupsi (Stranas PK) proposed by Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC) Indonesian Republic, particularly about the implementation of one map policy – plantation.


FFB Production Increases After Implementing ISPO

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA - Sustainable palm oil plantation practices through ISPO scheme is not mandatory for the smallholders yet. But Joko Prasetyo of Sawahlunto, West Sumatera Province thought, ISPO is a must-standard for the smallholders to get. “It is not mandatory yet but in the future every smallholder should fulfill the standards,” he recently said to Palmoilmagazine.


Zulkifli Hasan confirmed, DMO would not stop

Palmoilmagazine, BADUNG – When some suggested that the government should stop domestic market obligation (DMO) for palm oil, the government through Ministry of Trade responded it.


Slightly Gets Better, FFB Price in Jambi on 23 - 29 September 2022

Palmoilmagazine, JAMBI – According to Fresh Fruit Bunh (FFB) Team of Jambi Province on 23 - 29 September 2022, it is decided that the 10 – 20 year old FFB is getting better Rp 14,89/Kg to be Rp 2.412,53/Kg.


Independent Smallholders Should Implement Sustainable Practice in Sorolangun

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Head of Plantation, Food Plantation Agriculture Agency District of Sorolangun, Jambi Province, Dedi Hendri said, he realized that in the district, there are about 21 thousand independent smallholders. From the numbers, they are suggested to fulfill the terms and conditions needed and should have Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate.


PTPN V Having ISCC & RSPO in Biodiesel

Palmoilmagazine, PEKANBARU – Chief Executive Officer PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) V, Jatmiko Santosa said, palm oil industry is prospective and strategic business to increase the economy, conquer poverty and should be environmental – based.


Started Getting Better, CPO Tender at KPBN on 21 September

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Crude palm oil (CPO) tender at PT. Kharisma Pemasaran Bersama Nusantara (KPBN) got better to be Rp 11.186/kg on Wednesday (21/9/2022). It means, it increased Rp 216/Kg compared to Tuesday (20/9/2022) tender which was Rp 10.970/kg.


Slightly Gets Better, FFB Price in North Sumatera on 21 - 27 September 2022

Palmoilmagazine, MEDAN – According to Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) Team of North Sumatera Province on 21 - 27 September 2022, it is decided that the 10 – 20 year old FFB is getting better Rp 0,89/Kg to be Rp 2.511,29/Kg.


Ombudsman Recommends Revoking Palm Cooking Oil DMO

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – In the Laporan Akhir Hasil Pemeriksaan (LAHP) of Ombudsman Indonesia abut mal-administration practices to provide and stabilization of palm cooking oil, the organization recommended the government to revoke palm cooking oil domestic market obligation (DMO).


Ministry of Agriculture Suggests DNA Testing of Oil Palm Seeds in the Community

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA - The low productivity is one issue to develop smallholders’ palm oil plantations. That is why since 2016 the government implements SRP which Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) supports the fund.


To Develop Tourism Object, Collaboration between Palm Oil Company and LPHD

Palmoilmagazine, KETAPANG - Batu Hitam Waterfall now becomes the excursion option in Ketapang for it has beautiful natural sight. The visitors would see beautiful environment and there are fruit plantations too. The existence of excursion object, as a matter of fact, has something to do with the cooperation among Kelompok Usaha Perhutanan Sosial Agrowisata (KUPS), LPHD Sembelangaan and Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA Grup).  


Slightly Got Cheaper, CPO Tender at KPBN on 20 September

Palmoilmagazine, JAKARTA – Crude palm oil (CPO) tender at PT. Kharisma Pemasaran Bersama Nusantara (KPBN) got cheaper to be Rp 10.970/kg on Tuesday (20/9/2022). It means, it slightly got cheaper Rp 85/Kg compared to Monday (19/9/2022) tender which was Rp 11.055/kg.