PFMA Commitment to Foster Sustainable Growth in Palm Oil Downstream Sectors

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Achmad Maulizal, Head of the Company Division at PFMA, Addresses Audience in Bandung on Thursday (1/2/2024). Photo by: Palmoilmagazine

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BANDUNG – The Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) reiterates its dedication to the palm oil industry by extending comprehensive support for the advancement of downstream sectors. During the recent PFMA meeting, it was decided that full support would be provided for initiatives aligned with the sustainable palm oil corridor.

Achmad Maulizal, the Head of the Company Division at PFMA, emphasized in his address that the development of the palm oil downstream sector should align with tangible actions to address persistent negative issues. PFMA is resolute in overseeing the future of the palm oil industry, aiming to transform it into a sector that adheres to sustainable principles.

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“The support would be not only in downstream development but also would involve serious action to get solution on negative issues that always happen in palm oil industries,” Achmad said in Workshop Jurnalis Industri Hilir Sawit that attended, Thursday (1/2/2024) in Bandung.

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The concrete things to support downstream sectors would cover the supports in research, close monitoring to sustainable principles, involvement in confirming that the industries contribute to sustainable development.

Sustainable palm oil industries should not be seen as responsibility only but also as the opportunity to escalate palm oil images in the society. By always promoting sustainable practices, Maulizal said, PFMA hoped to establish palm oil industries as the pioneer to implement environmental and social principles responsibly. (T2)

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