Generation Z in Semarang Receives Positive Information about Palm Oil

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Generation Z in Semarang Receives Positive Information about Palm Oil. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, SEMARANG – The city of Semarang witnessed a significant event as hundreds of students from 15 different universities attended the GenSawit show on Thursday, June 13, 2024. Organized by the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), the event aimed to present objective facts about the role of palm oil in Indonesia.

Generation Z often encounters negative information on social media, including about palm oil. This event served as an educational platform to counter misinformation and provide factual insights.

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Kabul Wijayanto, Director of Plan and Fund Management at PFMA, stated that the event was designed to objectively educate students on the benefits of palm oil.

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“We have to tell the goodness of palm oil because it always happens that misinformation is delivered with no scientific facts,” he said, as in the official statement to, Wednesday (19/6/2024).

In the event, many expert speakers attended, such as, Head of Corporate Division PFMA, Achmad Maulizal Sutawijaya; Prof. Sri Raharjo of Faculty to Agriculture Engineering UGM also participated. They informed that it would be significant to know palm oil objectively and do not think about negative stigma that was or would be informed from the foreigners.

One influencer, Amanda Caesa did attend it to support the positive information about palm oil through social media. She thought, the young generations should support palm oil industries.

Chairman in Positive Campaign Division Indonesian Palm Oil Association, Edi Suhardi said that palm oil negative campaigns always generalize small things with no scientific base. “We have to objectively see that palm oil delivers big advantages including for the health,” Edi said.

With multi-party support, such as, the governments, companies, smallholders, and non-government organizations, it is hoped palm oil industries would always positively collaborate to sustainable development in Indonesia. The event reflected the commitment to support young generations to understand and take advantages on palm oil well and solve the challenges in these sectors.

Director of AKPY-STIPER, who is also the Chairman of ALPENSI, Sri Gunawan, said that palm oil industries supported 3 pillars, such as, people, planter, profits. But as the agrarian country, the irony is that there no commodity from Indonesia that has won the trade in other country except palm oil.

“This generation would play significant roles to the sustainability of palm oil plantations in Indonesia. The cooperation among the students, smallholders, the companies, the governments and organizations to maintain environmental conservation and sustainable palm oil industries would be significant and needed,” Sri said.

But, the 2024 GenSawit in the City of Semarang should not be educational event only but also be the moment to develop better understanding about palm oil vital roles in national and global scale. (T2)

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