A Piece of the Story of Paulus Tjakrawan, the Palm Biodiesel Fighter Who Has Passed Away

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Paulus Tjakrawan. Photo by: InfoSAWIT

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The ideal thing of infant industry would have many supports. They could be from many parties, for instance, the government for publishing the regulation. It could happen that biodiesel energy would be expensive thing for now.

But in the context of energy security in national scale, biodiesel would be the reference for Indonesia to get fuel energy self-sufficiency. Biodiesel would save the revenue in fuel and gas purchase. The government would efficiently deliver fuel and gas subsidy which reached up to Rp 200 trillion.

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“The government would be more efficient because the subsidy for fuel and gas would be smaller in numbers,” Paulus said, as written on Majalah InfoSAWIT, July 2015 lalu.

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The Daily Chairman of Asosiasi Produsen Biofuel Indonesia (Aprobi) at the time clearly explained that palm oil biodiesel should be part of energy security in national level. Though it would be difficult, Paulus thought, it would naturally support efficient budget in the government to deliver subsidy which started in the very beginning.

By changing the pattern and numbers of subsidy, biodiesel would supply sustainably to the progress nationally. Within efficient subsidy system, palm oil biodiesel industries would be the new power to help the economy nationally. He also told palm oil industries should be part of idealism implementation in national scale.

The idealism of company (affiliated with Salim Group) really would actively involve to develop economy by producing fuel. The national – scale industries would need much support, including from the government and private sectors.

For biodiesel does not meet the economic price, it needs the government’s support in the form of subsidy.

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“Diesel, if it is mixed to biodiesel, would be more expensive. That is why the government delivered one thousand rupiah as the subsidy but it developed in March, April, and May,” Paulus said and continued, “But the latest was that in April, issues developed, no more fund for biodiesel subsidy. Weird things went on too.”

In brief, biodiesel subsidy was agreed in the form of new citation, namely for the same progress. That is why the government and private sectors agreed to get Crude palm oil Supporting Fund (CSF).

Biodiesel as the renewable source of energy should run and develop well in this country. Though the government has no enough fund to develop it, the private sectors should take part in it. For example, the vehicle company should use it.

If biodiesel is thought as the government’s strategic program, it should run as the government’s policy. “Don’t let biodiesel seem to depend on the citation fund from the private sectors,” Paulus emphasized.

Biodiesel as the renewable energy is the big interest for the government to develop national energy security. If it does not start and if it is not sustainable, the future condition will be danger. “Biodiesel energy as the renewable one is strategic and should run always,” he said.

Now the palm oil biodiesel warrior is dead. He met his natural destiny but his ideas that palm oil biodiesel would be developing, would always be just like his former initiators in Aprobi, such as, Purnardi Djojosudiro who has died too, and others. Very well, Mister Paulus Tjakrawan. May God bless your soul. (T2)

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